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picture of Wayne Walcott

Wayne Walcott

Wayne began working with dogs in the early seventies, in the A.K.C. show ring. Handling show dogs for a few years but found working dogs more satisfying. Shortly thereafter, he started a school, in New York City, that trained dogs for obedience, personal protection, property guarding, and narcotics detection. For many years he was the training director for the Phoenix Schutzhund Club. Wayne has trained many dogs from puppy to Schutzhund III. He has competed in the United States Nationals and North American Championships as well as the German Shepherd World Qualifier trials many times. Still holds the title for the highest scoring handler owned trained FH title in the state of Arizona. He also came in second in the North American FH championships. He has also won the Southwest Regional Championships four times. He currently has other dogs that are in training for Schutzhund competition.

Wayne has also achieved a gold medal sportsmanship award for working dog competition. His achievements have been published in Dog Sport magazine, Canine Concepts, V.N.B. Eagle, and Schutzhund USA. Wayne is a member of Schutzhund USA, The S.V. in Germany (foreign counterpart) and was a past member of Phoenix Fights Back (community anti-drug program), Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and involved in the "Drugs don't make it" program for public schools. He is also registered with the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration as a researcher.

Wayne is the owner of Executive K9 Services (www.executivek9services.com).

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