picture of Lynn Brand


Lynn Brand and Amun vom Federsee aka, 'Jake' IPO3, HOT

Vice President and Secretary

David Knopp with A' Ezzard Du Dantero IPO2
David graduated the Tom Rose School of dog training as a Master Trainer in 1997. He has experience in training both dogs and trainers to high levels of obedience, tracking, protection, narcotics, and search & rescue. He currently owns DogStar Professional Dog Training, LLC, www.dogstarteam.com, working with rescues, veterinarians, and the public to reach their goals with dog behavior modification and education.


Pat Dupre

Property Owner

Jacko Rousseau

picture of Bill Szentmiklosi

Director at Large

Bill Szentmiklosi USA/DPO/RH/SVR
Judge Bill retired from police work after 33 years and was a service dog handler for 17 years for both patrol and narcotics. Bill became involved in the Schutzhund and police dog sport in 1978. Bill have competed in hundreds... read more

Angel Martinez

picture of Cindy Payne

Cindy Payne and Otzi DeLupus Saevus SchH3, HOT

Dawne Hennessy

Debra Wycoff

Emily/Bob Leiter and Zoro IPO1

Erik Freitag

Jerry and Sharon Neely

picture of Kayleigh Samson

Kari Crosby

picture of Kayleigh Samson

Kayleigh Samson

Marion Swetzer
Marion successfully breeds and trains her West German Show lines. Marion has trained and trialed 2 BHOT to IPO3 and 1 IPO3(HOT). She owns and operates Kennel von Arizona, www.germanshepherdvonarizona.com.

Mo Hill

Ryan Garris

Theresa Egge and Chain Von Teremarc CGC, IPO1

Tom Bryan

Vicki Tofte Ogden

picture of Wayne Walcott

Wayne Walcott
Wayne began working with dogs in the early seventies, in the A.K.C. show ring. Handling show dogs for a few years but found working dogs more satisfying. Shortly thereafter, he started a school, in New York City, that trained dogs for obedience, personal protection, property guarding, and narcotics detection... read more

Inactive Members

Andrea Ondreyco

Brian and Shelien Craft

James and Sabine Sharp

picture of Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins and Desert Rocks Keana SchH1

Lynne Hoban profile

Lynne Hoban

picture of Shane Mallamphut

Shane Mallamphut and Panzer vom Adlerstein SchH3, HOT