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picture of Bill Szentmiklosi

Bill Szentmiklosi USA/DPO/RH/SVR

Judge Bill retired from police work after 33 years and was a service dog handler for 17 years for both patrol and narcotics. Bill became involved in the Schutzhund and police dog sport in 1978. Bill have competed in hundreds of trials at all levels, including National Championships for both Schutzhund and Police and titled 9 dogs. Bill have done helper work at different clubs and also at the regional level. Twice selected as alternate for the North Americans as helper. Bill have been a Judge for 24 years, and judge Schutzhund, IPO, DPO, and the RH1 (rescue at level 1) and all titles recognized through the SV. Bill is a teaching USA Judge, foreign SV Judge and teaching helper and also had judged at all levels of competition. Most recently, in 2008, Bill won our Regional Championship and placed 6th at the German Shepherd Championship in United States.

Bill currently is a member and train at the Phoenix Schutzhund Club in Arizona and hope to continue in the sport and title at least two (2) more dogs. Bill feel that it is important to actively train and show, so that he can keep the feeling for the dog sport, especially from the judging aspect.

Bill owns Southwest Promotions and Designs (www.swpromotionsdesigns.com)