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DNA Requirements for Imports: www.akc.org/news/index.cfm?article_id=2657

Dog Behavior

Cesar Millan: www.cesarmillaninc.com
Susan Clothier: www.flyingdogpress.com

Dog Parks

Anthem Dog Park: www.anthempets.com
Avondale Friendship Park: www.avondale.org
Chaparral Park-Scottsdale Dog Park: 480-312-2353
Foothills Park-Glendale Dog Park: 623-930-2820
Grayhawk Community Assoc. Scottsdale: www.grayhawkcommunity.org


Canine Physical Rehabilitation of the Southwest: www.caninerehab.com
ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: www.napcc.aspca.org
Homeo Pet Solutions: www.homeopet.com
AAHA Healthy Pet: www.healthypet.com
Vet Centric-Veterinary Medicine Online: www.vetcentric.com
The Internet Pet Hospital for Pet Health Care Information: www.thepetcenter.com
Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Veterinary Medicinewww.altvetmed.com
Thomas Veterinary Drug
Harmony Animal Hospital: Senior Pet Care
Canine Epilepsy and diseases that cause seizures in dogs


AKC: www.akc.org
OFA: www.offa.org
Paw Village Data base: www.pawvillage.com
Pet Abuse Database: www.pet-abuse.com/database
DVG: www.dvgamerica.com
United Schutzhund Clubs: www.germanshepherddog.com
WDA Working German Shepherd: www.gsdca-wda.org/index.html
United Kennel Club: www.ukcdogs.com/WebSite.nsf/WebPages/Home
Rottweiler Links: www.therottweilerchronicle.com/linksof.htm
Malinois Clubs: www.cascadeschutzhundclub.com
Continental Kennel Club: http://ckcusa.com/flashzone
Phoenix Field and Obedience: www.pfoc.org
AZ Humane Society: www.azhumane.org
ADRK Rottweilers: http://adrk.de/index_e.html
ATTS Temperament Test: www.atts.org
Maricopa Animal Care and Control: www.maricopa.gov/pets
Senior Dog Project: www.srdogs.com
Petfinders: www.petfinders.com
Pet Loss Grief Support: www.petloss.com
Naming Your Dog: www.petrix.com/dognames
Puppysites: www.puppysites.com/index.shtml


Doberman Rescue: www.bavarienburg-dobermann.com/Rescue.htm
Rottweiler Rescue: www.rottnet.net
Malinois Rescuewww.malinoisrescue.org
Pit Bull Rescue: www.pbrc.net/info.html
Oasis: www.geocities.com/oasisrescue
Best Friends Society: www.bestfriends.org
Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue: www.petfinder.com/shelters/AZ198.html
Southwest German Shepherd Rescue: www.swgermanshepherdrescue.com


Dethyse: http://www.dethyse.com
Frabo: www.frabo.de
Ray Allen: www.rayallen.com/ramCart/cartFrame.htm
Hallmark K9: www.hallmarkk9.com
Prodogz.com: www.prodogz.com
Teeft Equipment: www.teeft.com
Pac N Go: http://pacngorec.com
Leerburg Video List: www.leerburg.com/vidolist.htm
The Dog Trainer: www.fordogtrainer.com
Elite K9: www.elitek9.com/index.htm
Ryans: www.ryanspet.com/ryanspet/default.asp
Agility Equipment: www.agilityability.com
Rottweiler Customized gifts: www.rottbros.com/subli.html
Dog Toys etc.at SitStay: www.sitstay.com/store/toys
Puttin' On The Dog!: www.puttinonthedog.com
Petco: www.petco.com
Petsmart: www.petsmart.com/ps/main.jsp
The Working Dogs Book Store: http://workingdogs.com/book023.htm
Gifts for Pets: www.giftsforpets.ca
Doggie Mansions: www.doggiemansions.com
Shop Dog Houses: www.doghouses.com
Welcome to Dog Wise: www.dogwise.com

Therapy Dog

Service Dog Directory: www.wolfpacks.com/serviced.htm
Service Dog Organizations: www.create-a-smile.org/Pages/ServiceDogs/Organizations.html
Therapy Dogs: www.therapypets.com