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Dear friends in the sport, please share with us our precious memories of our existence at the Rousseau Ranch for the past 30 years. Mrs. Rousseau, the matriarch of our club for three decades, is retiring from farm life and we are immensely grateful for the time she and her husband, Bud Rousseau, have afforded us. Join us as we reflect on what has been the home of our dog sport dreams for these many, many years.

The original dog of choice for Bud and Jacko was the Rottweiler. Mrs. Rousseau is legendary in the fact that she is the first person to have titled her Rottweilers (Esmeralda's Punch SchH 3, FH and Arenenberg Albert Little SchH 3) to the SchH 3 level in the United States. She quickly earned the Master Gold Sports Medal and then continued to title seven more dogs. Bud titled his first Rottweiler to SchH II and then discovered the German Shepherd Dog. Together with his bitch, Debby vom Cranger Tor, they earned the Bronze, Silver and Gold sports medal.

Bud and Jacko have traveled the United States and Europe competing and acting as ambassadors for our sport. And likewise, the Rousseau's, have graciously shared their home with the many worldwide travelers who judged or competed in the USA including our sister club in Canada.


But for a moment, let's go back to the beginning. In the late 1970's the Rousseau's offered the use of an unused dirt field to a small dog training group trying a new sport called Schutzhund. There were no lights, no club house, no running water, and we sat on hay bales - when they were available. Over the next couple of years, the training was moved to the grassy area north of the original field, a fence was added between the "new" training field and the "now" Rousseau's back yard. Lights were installed and the club house was dragged on skids by tractor across several fields and positioned beside the training field. Club members rented themselves out to work at AKC events and hosted temperament tests to raise the money to make each club house improvement. Members were asked to add the PSC club house to their Christmas list to help furnish the kitchen, library and buy training equipment. Thanks to the generosity and hard work of the PSC members, we established a club house we could call home and a meeting place for all sports enthusiasts.

We have celebrated the birth of babies, watched club members' children grow to adulthood, enjoyed a wedding and, sadly, experienced the loss of our beloved patriarch, Bud Rousseau, on March 17, 2003. Bud was a very generous man who always made time to greet and instruct newcomers. He possessed a clear and analytical eye for assisting new helpers and we can credit him with most of the early instruction for the helpers in our club. We miss him dearly.

Being a long-established club, we have had the fortune of hosting several major events. We have hosted the AWDF Championship twice, and the Southwest Regional Championship at least 4 times. Our cumulative club members have placed well over 500 titles on dogs, with many of those competing at the regional and national level. We have claimed title to the Southwest Regional Championship no less than 6 times, with many other members placing as well, and awards in national FH competitions.

2007 Group Pictures

And who will forget those Schutzhund stories that people still sit around the table and reminisce about. In the early days of our club, prior to having a clubhouse, we would use the bathroom in Bud and Jacko's house. Well, you need to remember how arid and hot Arizona can be for those big black Rottweilers. One day our biggest helper went to use the Rousseau bathroom. Imagine for a moment, sitting on the commode, hearing the ggrrrr of an animal but not seeing it. Then seeing this enormous Rottweiler slowly rise from his cool bathtub, only to find an invader in his den. Imagine further still, a 6' 4" man pondering his choices with his pants down and a window that only a diminutive woman could fit through!

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