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Evaluating the Grip
By Bill Szentmiklosi

The following chart depicts the correlation between the TSB, temperament descriptors, and rating. This is representative of only hardness. It does not take into account any additional faults that may be evaluated (i.e. fullness, slipping, outs etc). It is important for those who may not be familiar with the old point courage rating, to understand its value and importance in making today's temperament and hardness ratings.

10 Pts (pronounced) Very hard Hard Temperament
9 Pts (pronounced) Hard Strong Temperament
8 Pts (sufficient) Very Firm Moderate Temperament
7 Pts (sufficient) Firm Moderate/Soft Temperament
6 Pts (insufficient) Soft Soft Temperament
5 Pts (insufficient) Very Soft Vary Soft Temperament

4 Points through 1 point. Dog in this area are lacking temperament and generally would not be able to pass a temperament test due to lack of nerves, socialization, or aggressiveness. These ratings are generally not relevant.

Example: If a dog is in the 10 point category, no point deduction would occur. But for a dog that is in the 9 point rating, considering that there are 5 grips in SchH 3, then one point could be deducted for each grip, dropping the rating to 95 points and very good (sg). For SchH 2, there are 4 grips and 96 points and excellent (v). The range of passing points could vary from 70-100.

Example: If a dog is in the 8 point category, then deduct 2 points for each grip. So in SchH 3 there would be a 10 point deduction, only as it pertains to hardness. Dogs in this category will also demonstrate addition temperament faults to drop the point rating further. For a 7 point rating, then 3 points for each grip would result in a 15 point deduction. Again, there would be additional visible faults. The range of passing points could be 70-84.

Example: 7 point rating would result with an overall deduction of 15 points, and with a six point rating a 20 point deduction would occur (in SchH 3). With additional faults, you can see easily why a dog's performance would be lacking, and an insufficient rating would take place. Here there can be no range of passing points.